• April, 12th, 2021

How state sneaked sick Raila at night to Dubai hospital

Anxiety has gripped Orange Democratic Movement supporters after Oburu Odinga revealed that their party leader Raila Odinga is undergoing treatment in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The idea to fly Raila out for treatment abroad, according to sources well versed with the operation, was discreet, and only State House, his close family members, the National Intelligence Service, a section in Kenya Civil Authority, personal doctors and Foreign Affairs ministry were in the know. Foreign ministry officials were to contact their personnel based in Dubai to roll out arrangements for his arrival. The operations were well coded and Raila name never featured, but only those involved being told a prominent Kenya had been cleared by the state to fly out for urgent state business. No word on treatment featured in the documents. The clearance by KAA on orders put the name of Raila’s personal assistant as the person who was to fill the private jet invoices, not even the Odinga family.