• April, 12th, 2021

Plot to expel Ruto from Jubille hatched as allies face arrest

In what amounts to taking the war to new levels, some factions surrounding Uhuru Kenyatta are exploring ways of expelling William Ruto from Jubilee using his links with Jubilee Asili Centre. If he is expelled, Ruto will lose his seat as deputy leader and DP as he will be partyless. If he survives expulsion by using legal avenues, a plot to impeach him on the parliamentary floor on grounds of running a parallel government is being worked on. The move by Uhuru to control parliament and courting pro-Ruto MP to his side is part of the impeachment plot, according to our sources. They are planning to summon Ruto using the party disciplinary mechanism to explain what he knows about Jubilee Asili Centre or Jac and its operations. Not spared are Jubilee MPs who were hosted by Ruto at the centre. The allegations are that the DP is running a parallel Jubilee headquarters, undermining the party leader Uhuru. Further, it is claimed that the is not duly recognizing party officials whose particulars are at the registrar of political parties. They further claim that the DP is engaged in criminal activities by operating from Jac when the party recognized offices at the political registrar are along Thika Road.